Our city is overwhelmed by a sheer volume of voices ─ some can be heard; some are neglected. Likewise, why do we seldom pay enough attention to our inner voices? Why don't we pause for a second and start expressing our feelings and care? Everyone can be a storyteller and a listener at the same time. No matter where we are, near or far, there is always a "hear" in the heart.

"As society’s expectations continue to rise, it’s easy for us to overlook people’s past efforts and strengths. When our efforts are ignored, emotional burdens can build up easily. This makes appreciation and affirmation more important than ever for all of us.”

Can Tsang

Service Manager
St. James' Settlement

"To the underprivileged, emotional support for their well-being is more valuable than material support today." 

Serena Tsui

Communications Manager
Agent of Change Foundation

“Emotions are innate and should not be suppressed. By increasing emotional awareness, learning to express ourselves the right way and regulate personal emotions, everyone can live with emotions harmoniously and relieve distress in good time.”

Chan Ying Kit

Unit-in-Charge, Wellness Mind Centre
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

“Always be aware of your changes in emotions, and take timely action to understand your needs and release negative emotions in order to avoid stress overload.”

Wong Ching Yi

Registered Social Worker
Caritas Infinity Teens - Cyber Youth Support Team

“When you are sharing your feelings with others, you are also having a dialogue with yourself and getting to know more about your inner voice.”

May Ly

Leader of Youth Programme and Outreaching Services
The Samaritans

Our Generation of Hongkongers

Hong Kong is undergoing difficult times in recent years, which has considerably impacted its citizens’ mental health well-being. It’s time for us to focus on mental health and raise public awareness of this topic. Over the years, how have Hongkongers handled stress and downturns? Hongkongers of this generation: do you know how to express yourselves?

First Step to Cultivating
Positive Mental Health

Apart from relying on supporters and listeners to give us strength, it is also essential to proactively care about ourselves. If you are experiencing emotional distress, start with adjusting some of your daily routines or discovering new hobbies, and gradually cultivate positive mental wellness independently. Every little step matters. 

Talk to yourself
Listen to the inner voice

Schedule breaks in your workdays
Learn to live with your emotions

Proactively dealing with pressure
Develop new interests and hobbies

Step out from the troubled zone
Search for environment that makes you comfortable

Develop a bedtime habit
Ask yourself: How do you feel today?

Promoting mental health through digital platforms 

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. We can’t help but to linger in the virtual world even when we are physically with friends and families. Consider harnessing the speed and convenience of social media to promote mental health. Starting from today, let’s share more meaningful and positive content with our friends and families to show our care, and engage in more genuine online conversations! 


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